Facebook Leaks Codename For 'Del Mar' Headset With 'Jedi Controller'


Facebook’s Oculus developer documentation website leaked the code name for a future headset, with a new controller, and the existence of a ‘First Access’ program for some developers.

The text showed up on several pages of the developer documentation, with the following message. It was first spotted in a screenshot posted to reddit. UploadVR verified the pages that contained this message and took screenshots:

Oculus Codenames

Oculus headsets in development have been given public code names since early 2014, when the company revealed Crystal Cove which would go on to become Development Kit 2.

The names are chosen from California coastal beaches and cities, or the ocean itself in the case of Go:

  • Crystal Cove became the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2
  • Crescent Bay became the Oculus Rift
  • Half-Moon became the Oculus Touch controllers
  • Pacific became Oculus Go
  • Project Santa Cruz was the project to bring a Rift-like experience to standalone
  • Monarch was the name for early Santa Cruz prototypes (before even OC3)
  • Monterey was the codename for the Oculus Quest

Del Mar: Oculus Quest’s Successor?

The documentation for the mobile input API indicates (at present time of writing) that ‘Del Mar’ is in fact a mobile (likely standalone) VR headset, with a new controller codenamed ‘Jedi’:

ovrControllerCaps_ModelOculusTouch = 0x00004000, //< Oculus Touch Controller For Oculus Quest

ovrControllerCaps_ModelOculusJedi = 0x0000C000, //< Oculus Jedi Controller For Oculus Del Mar

UploadVR found that Google Search had archived the Del Mar message on the documentation for Haptics, indicating that the Jedi controller has haptic feedback, like the Quest’s Touch controllers.

Since Facebook indicated that an Oculus Go successor would likely use controller-free hand tracking, this would suggest that this is an entry in the Oculus Quest line- a logical step given the success of the Quest platform relative to Rift and Go.

We reached out to Facebook for comment, but a representative would only confirm that Del Mar is indeed a beach city in California.

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