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Yep, Creativity Day is a thing – it’s on May 30. Granted, there seems to be a ‘day’ for everything these days, but we happen to be big fans of creativity! (Except for whoever ‘created’ Mountain Climbers…we’d like to have a word with you). We already know that exercise is therapeutic, even though a lot of folks think exercise only helps to improve physical attributes. But exercise is not to be underestimated when it comes to harnessing the full potential of your health and creativity.

Ever noticed how the creative juices get going when you’re  gifting yourself the time to go for that jog on the treadmill or zen out in yoga class? Sometimes by doing something else, that idea you’ve been mulling over comes to life with a resolution, new tactic or a totally new idea that’s even better! The same goes for creativity. You might not know it, but the stress of dealing with all of the activities in your workplace, social life, and so on can take a toll on your creativity – and if you’re in a rut, well, sometimes that stress only makes it harder to stay on track. So let’s feed that creativity!

Since you’re here, I’ll tell you this – you can remain creative for life, if you continue to exercise your creative muscle. Here’s how.

  • Work on exercises that you perceive as difficult: You may never know just how creative – or strong – you are until you test your limits. If you think something is difficult to achieve, give it a shot and surprise yourself with the results. Never done a single leg squat? Grab onto something stable and give it a shot. By doing this, you’ll be giving your brain the extra push it needs to devise creative solutions – balancing abilities that might have seemed far fetched before. It could also be learning how to play music, paint, mold or pushing your limits in yoga instead of the bench press. Creativity comes to life on the other side of your comfort zone – give it a shot!


  • Find your passion and use it to flex your creativity: When you’re passionate about something, it will continue to dwell in your thoughts. In fact, everything you do will probably exemplify your newly found passion – just ask Game of Thrones fans! By allowing your brain to focus on a newfound passion, your creativity has a chance to run wild. First things first – find your passion. At Youfit, we offer You GX group exercise including yoga, cycling, cardio kickbox, Zumba and more. Try them all! Where there’s something for everyone, there’s a passion that you’re bound to find. And then, go all in, finding new ways to explore your creativity as you go from novice to pro in each new class!


  • Give yourself the gift of fitness in order to create: In reality, most of us are limited by time: one of the greatest adversaries of creativity. We often find that we don’t have enough time to do everything we have on our schedule. Well, as it’s been said, we all have the same 24 hours as Beyonce! So put them to good use – even 20 or 30 minutes of exercise can have cardiovascular and strength benefits, and guess what? Some research even shows that exercise actually helps creativity. So workout your body – if you want to exercise your mind.

One thing that’s consistent about all of the above is that creativity involves “me” time. If no one has told you this before – know it now – you deserve that. Taking time for yourself will not just improve your wellbeing, but it will also give your brain the time it needs to recuperate from all the stresses in your life, and work on harnessing that creativity you used to have so much of when you were less stressed. Sometimes, being creative involves just a change of scenery, or literally any other location besides your desk. You could go to a park, a shopping mall, or visit us at your local Youfit location.

And when you’re done, you might have the energy to do those other creative dreams you’ve had on the backburner. Painting, writing, coding – the world is your oyster! Who knows, you might come up with the next big idea that changes the world! The first step? Get your membership locked in here: https://www.youfit.com/join/step2


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