Episode 2 Of UploadVR's Weekly Podcast Is Live Today


Episode 2 of UploadVR’s weekly podcast, The VR Download, is LIVE at 10:30AM PST (5:30PM UTC).

Unlike regular video podcasts, The VR Download is broadcast from a virtual reality studio! Our team are together in a virtual space, giving us many of the benefits of a studio even though we live on different continents.

Our special guest this week is Nathan Rowe, developer of VR sculpting app SculptrVR for Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, SteamVR, Samsung Gear VR, and PlayStation VR.

You can watch the episode live on YouTube. As always, we’ll also be making it available for audio-only listening on Spotify, Google, TuneIn/Alexa, Stitcher within a couple of hours of airing.

The show is hosted by our Operations Manager, Kyle Riesenbeck. Kyle was formerly the host of the Rev VR Podcast, a popular VR podcast back in the Oculus development kits era.


[Section 1] The News Discussion: our thoughts on the biggest VR news of the past week, one article at a time. You’ll hear our in depth behind the scenes thoughts on what’s happening in the virtual reality industry.

[Section 2] Release of the Week: the team talks about the VR games they’ve been playing this week and try to come to a consensus as to what is the most significant.

[Section 3] The Hot Topic: an in depth discussion of one big (sometimes controversial) industry trend, topic, or idea per week.

[Section 4] Special Guest Interview: a 1-1 interview with a significant developer, executive, or personality from the VR industry.

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