eClassics Will Sell Its Electrified Beetle Floor Pan For 39,900 Euros


Volkswagen made waves when it issued a press release informing it helped to electrify a Bettle with e-up! parts. Nice move, but selling was mostly what the German automaker did. The hard work was on eClassics, which seized the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show to announce not only the eKäfer – German for eBeetle – but also the pricing. A complete car will cost €99,900. Too expensive, or you are not very fond of the Bug? Keine problem! You can buy the electrified floor pan for €39,900.

Running solely on electricity is not the only benefit the car offers. If you have ever driven an air-cooled Volkwagen, you surely know its rear suspension had a “dynamic” geometry, with a camber that can change in the blink of an eye.

The standard electrified floor pan comes with a 35 kWh battery pack and a 60 kW (80 hp) motor placed over its rear axle. But you can also ask for the performance package, which comes with a 45 kWh and a 75 kW (101 hp) motor. For an extra of €15,900.

This electrified chassis can be the basis of any other car based on the Beetle, such as the Karmann Ghia. The guys at eClassics said it could even fit the Porsche 356. We bet the vehicles we named in our previous article about the eKäfer are also good candidates for the new chassis.

Electric Beetle Will Sell Its Electrified Floor Pan For 39,900 Euros

eClassics says you can either buy only the floor pan or pay them €10,000 more to have a new body installed on it. 

Electric Beetle Will Sell Its Electrified Floor Pan For 39,900 Euros

Besides the expensive performance pack, you can also order AC charging (€8,200), Nappa interior (€4,900), synthetic leather roof (€3,450), bidirectional charging (€2,900), air conditioning (€2,500), touchscreen navigation infotainment system (€1,900), Fuchsfelge wheels (€1,650), full LED headlights (€1,500), carbon fiber “engine” cover (€1,190), and ABS (prices available under request). 

Electric Beetle Will Sell Its Electrified Floor Pan For 39,900 Euros

Some of these items are standard for the complete eKäfer Cabrio. And there are many more you can choose from the long list offered by eClassics – such as a picnic set for €990. If you plan to comment this is insane money for an old car, you may be right. But that doesn’t change the fact that they have already built 15 new electric floor pans, both for complete eKäfers or conversions. Expect to find a waiting list if you intend to have one.

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