'Echo VR' Open Beta Coming to Quest Before Launch


A version of Echo VR, the zero-G multiplayer Rift game from Ready at Dawn Studios, is coming to Oculus Quest at some point. Now, Ready at Dawn has released a roadmap to launch, which the studio says will also include an open beta for the game.

In the game’s next closed alpha, the studio will be including select players ranging from levels of 5 – 49, as the first wave of participants admitted to the initial closed alpha stage were picked from a pool of Level 50 players.

At the conclusion of the closed alphas, a closed beta will begin. The studio says that all players who signed up for testing will join existing community testers from the previous phases, and that testers will be able to access Tutorials, VS. AI, the Lobby, and the ‘Echo Arena’ game itself.

Image courtesy Ready at Dawn

Unlike the Rift version, it appears Echo VR for Quest will only include ‘Echo Arena’, the VR sports game, and not ‘Echo Combat’, the team-based shooter. Both are accessible on Rift under the Echo VR umbrella launcher, with ‘Echo Arena’ provided as a free game whilst ‘Echo Combat’ requires an in-app purchase of $10 to play. ‘Echo Arena’ is said to provide cross-play between Quest and Rift.

After the final invite-only phase concludes, a general open beta will begin which anyone can take part in.

Exactly when all of this will take place still isn’t certain; the studio says more info will be shared in subsequent blog posts and that dates have been omitted “to more easily flow between phases and pivot when necessary.”

If you’re interested in taking part of any part of testing Echo VR on Quest, head over to the registration form here.

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