Echo VR On Quest Open Beta Now Supports Crossplay With Oculus Rift


Echo VR (specifically the Echo Arena variant) is fast-approaching a full release date presumably very soon and the Open Beta that’s running for free on Oculus Quest right now has just expanded to include crossplay with Oculus Rift players as well.

If you’re unaware, Echo VR is a gravity-defying competitive VR game that pits two teams of space-bound androids against one another in a zero-gravity arena as they battle for possession of a floating disc. The objective is to get the disc through the other team’s ring, Quidditch or Soccer style.

It’s a simple concept that’s executed very well and merging the two communities together is a great move. I’d wager a lot of Rift players are eager to try it on Quest if they haven’t already.

The marriage between sci-fi floating and Tron-style visuals fits perfectly with VR as a platform and leads to some amazing moments full of intensity. We’ve played the Quest port a bit and feel like it’s an extremely faithful adaptation. What you lose in graphical fidelity and discrete tracking consistency for behind-the-back passes and nuanced movements, you more than gain back several times over by removing the cord for a true 360-degree experience.

Since Echo VR is developed by Read at Dawn, the same team behind Echo Combat and the Lone Echo franchise, and published by Oculus Studios, you should likely expect Echo VR to become a leading multiplayer title this year on Quest.

Have you tried Echo VR on Quest? Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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