Easy Smoothie Recipes


Whether you’re starting the day or enjoying a snack after a great workout at your local gym, smoothies are a quick and delicious option. We’re sharing some of our favorite smoothie recipes that will make the perfect blend for your next smoothie. So get out your blender and get ready! 

Health Benefits of Smoothies

Fruits and vegetables pack a ton of nutritional value and smoothies are a great way to get the goodness of these healthy foods. Additional health benefits of smoothies include:

  • Increased fiber intake
  • Antioxidant support
  • Detoxing effects 
  • Immune system boosting
  • Increased vitamins and minerals 

Smoothies bring the powerful benefits of fruits and vegetables in one compact drink. But it is important to make sure that you make your smoothies yourself so you know what’s packed into each sip. Many smoothies, especially those that are commercially made, contain tons of sugar and other additives that can be more harmful than helpful. So for the healthiest possible smoothie, go the DIY route and make one at home. We have plenty of healthy recipes to share for your best smoothie yet.

Easy Healthy Smoothie Recipes

When shopping for smoothie ingredients, you should choose either fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Fresh is always best, but frozen can be very convenient when you’re blending your fruits and vegetables into a delicious chilled drink. 

Blueberry Pear Smoothie Recipe

Blueberries bring a ton of inherent sweetness that can make the perfect smoothie. For this recipe, take 1 ½ cups of frozen blueberries and combine with 1 chopped pear. Add in plain yogurt, ice, and blend. Full recipe from Food Network here

Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe

Combine 3 of your favorite frozen berries, one cup each, and a chopped banana. Blend with ½ cup of Greek yogurt and 1 ¼ cup of almond milk for a delicious and healthy smoothie. Full recipe from Delish here

Easy Protein Smoothies 

You can bring in a punch of protein into any smoothie by incorporating scoops of protein powder into the recipe. Flavored protein powders can also improve the flavors of your smoothie by adding extra tastes into the mix. Protein-rich ingredients such as greek yogurt, nut butter, or chia seeds can add extra flavor to any smoothie recipe while also bringing more protein to the party. 

Smoothie Recipe Tips

To bring the highest nutritional value to your smoothies, be sure to add at least one leafy green vegetable into the blend. Adding in some kale or spinach will help bring more vitamins and minerals into your smoothie. Best yet, sweeter fruits will often mask the taste of these vegetables if you are not too big on their flavors alone. Sneaking leafy greens into your smoothie will help increase their nutritional value. 

Whether you’re slurping up a smoothie in the morning, after your 30-minute workout, or as a midday snack, you can have a healthy smoothie that’s sure to bring plenty of nutrients. Be sure to make your smoothies at home so you’re aware of their ingredients and sugar content. Adding vegetables into your smoothie will also help make things as healthy as possible. Enjoy! 

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