E3 2019: Here's A First Look At Spaceteam VR's Zany Co-Op Gameplay


Spaceteam VR

We had a lot of cool games to show at our E3 VR Showcase earlier today. Many of them, though, were single-player. Spaceteam VR is not single-player. It is most certainly not single-player.

No, Spaceteam is an adaptation a highly successful mobile game. In it, players team up online to pilot a spaceship. You have a set of controls with a bunch of impossibly confusing words on them. Don’t know what to do with them? That’s because your friends have to tell you.

Every player is given a set of instructions to bark. They don’t know who it’s relevant to, nor exactly what it means. The result is basically a bunch of people shouting at each other in increasingly hilarious situations.

For Spaceteam VR, developer Cooperative Innovations is bringing a bit of physicality to the game. Orders now translate to switches to be pulled and buttons to be pushed, for example. There’s also new VR content like ray guns to combat progress-blocking blobs.

It’s early days right now but Spaceteam is looking like a whole lot of fun. We’re especially big fans of the game’s expressive avatars, which show up a fair amount in our showcase segment.

Spaceteam VR is coming soon. How soon? We don’t know, exactly. Nor do we know exactly which headsets it’s coming to. But we do know we’re excited — let’s hope more news is on the way for later this year. As for our E3 VR Showcase? You can catch up with all the news in the video right here.

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