Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time To Bring A Virtual Tardis To Comic-Con


Yet another Comic-Con VR experience has been revealed, this time for Doctor Who: The Edge of Time.

The anticipated VR game, developed by Maze Theory, will bring a demo to San Diego later this week. Whereas London Comic-Con attendees got the first hands-on session with the game in May, SDCC fans will be the first in the US to step into the Tardis.

Yes, the demo will give you a sneak peek at the iconic spaceship piloted by the Doctor herself. In The Edge Of Time, you play as a new companion that commandeers the Tardis on a trip through time in an effort to save the current Doctor (played in-game by Jodie Whittaker herself) and stop a new villain.

The Tardis itself has been accurately recreated by the Maze Theory team. You can get just a little look at it in this preview from our E3 VR Showcase last month.

“The TARDIS is a very important and hugely iconic element of the show and Doctor Who: The Edge of Time offers the chance to experience it like never before,” Maze Theory’s Creative Director Marcus Moresby said in a prepared statement. “It’s been a huge undertaking to deliver the very best TARDIS experience and is much anticipated by fans of the show. We know they’re going to love it.”

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time will debut on PSVR, Rift, Vive, Index and Quest in September. Meanwhile, Comic-Con will also feature a brand new Batman VR experience and more information on Iron Man VR.

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