Death Stranding will have a Very Easy Mode For Movie Fans: Kojima


Calling Death Stranding one of the most anticipated games of this generation would be an understatement. It is made by the legend behind the Metal Gear Franchise, Hideo Kojima is slated to launch for the PS4 on November 8 and is powered by Gorilla Games Decima Engine, the same engine used for Horizon Zero Dawn. Considering the star cast and cinematic nature of the game, Kojima tweeted, “Normally there’s only Easy Mode, but we added Very Easy Mode for movie fans since we have real actors like Norman, Mads, Lea starred in. Even Yano-san who never completed the 1st stage of PAC-MAN, was able to complete the game on Very Easy Mode.”

The internet has been abuzz about the Very Easy mode coming into the game. Some responses are positive and happy that the game is accessible for those that aren’t good at video games. Others are mocking the mode tweeting that it should be called “journalist mode”. 

It’s important to note that games usually have varying difficulties to cater to a larger audience of gamers. There are games like the Souls series or Sekiro which are meant for those that would like a challenge when gaming. There are also games like Control which do not have difficulty but are challenging enough for the average gamer.

Coming back to death stranding, the game is just around the corner, scheduled to release on November 8 and we still don’t know what the game is about. Numerous trailers gameplay videos of the game have been released and each leading to more questions about the game. Is this Hideo Kojima at his finest or have we set our expectations too high? We will know in a mere 62 days.


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