'Death Lap' Mashes up 'Mario Kart' Racing & 'Twisted Metal', Coming Soon to Rift & Quest


OZWE Games, the studio behind the Anshar VR franchise, today announced a new game for Rift and Quest that looks straight out of Mad Max.

Called Death Lap, Ozwe says in an Oculus blog post that it was inspired by both the Twisted Metal and Mario Kart franchises.

The game is said to include five apocalyptic tracks: a psychedelic desert, oil on fire in the desert, Las Vegas by night, an abandoned theme park, and a giant pinball. Death Lap will also arrive with both single and multiplayer modes for up to six players, which also includes a global leaderboard.

“The game takes its name from an annual tournament held once a year, where drivers wield deadly short- and long-range weapons and the first to cross the finish line wins,” Ozwe says. “Behind it all is the host, Nitro Saint Payne—a marvelous yet tragic man with a definite need for speed.


Ozwe Games CEO Stéphane Intissar says that besides weapons, players can use items to get an edge over their opponents such as traps, secret paths, and special pickup items. Adding an extra edge, Intissar says players can also be eaten by “a colossal piranha, electrified by the malicious clown, and crushed by a giant dice over the ruthless rides.”

There’s no exact launch date on the books yet, although Ozwe says it should be arriving on Rift and Quest “soon.”

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