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Fix up, look sharp, it’s the VRecap!

For those of you not from the UK, that was a reference to the 2003 rap hit from grime artist, Dizzee Rascal. Go Spotify it.

Anyway, there’s a whole host of big headlines to get through this week. The biggest, undoubtedly, is the death of Google Daydream VR. Google’s flashy new phone, the Pixel 4, isn’t supporting it and the company isn’t selling Daydream View anymore. You could probably still find a Lenovo Mirage Solo somewhere online if you were really looking. You probably shouldn’t, though.

Elsewhere, we’ve got a list of the most popular PSVR games (which doesn’t include Ghost Giant because you’re clearly all very bad people). Oh and Varjo announced its next super high resolution headset. It looks amazing but it also cost 5,000 euro so, you know, no thanks.

Moving onto release, it’s another good week for Quest fans with Knockout League and Kingspray. PSVR is suffering a bit of a drought, but you can pick up Crazy Machines VR if you’re in the EU.

Over in the comments section, we asked you if you though Asgard’s Wrath was VR’s best game yet. We think it is, but did you agree?

As for our competition, this week we have codes for Hotel R’n’R, which just got its Party Mode update. Don’t sleep on this one; enter below.

Win Hotel R’n’R on SteamVR

Okay, it’s the weekend. Time to let loose and cause mayhem inside the virtual universe, everyone. I plan on starting bar fights in Drunkn Bar Fight to capture the true essence of a Friday night. How about you?

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