COVID-19 Update


To Our Youfit Family,

As a global community, we are truly in an unprecedented time due to the growing crisis created by COVID-19.  As you are aware, the government has mandated the closure of health clubs in many cities and states, and with the health of our staff, members, and communities in the foremost of our thoughts, we took the preemptive step to temporarily close all of our locations.  

Though we want to see all of your faces back in our clubs as soon as possible, we have to continue to err on the side of caution and expert advice.  We are having each of our facilities deeply cleaned and sanitized while closed, so that we will be ready to open as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we have been creating custom content on our social media pages and partnered with Les Mills to bring free workouts to all of our members through our Youfit app.  More info on that is available on our website,  

Now, we are dedicating ourselves to preserving our employees and our clubs for the future.  Our goal is to keep our staff off unemployment and covered with medical insurance and other benefits, as well as keeping our business intact for when this pandemic ends.  We desperately need our employees to have a job to return to, so this short term economic pinch doesn’t become a long term issue. We also want to make sure you and all of our loyal members have a home health club to enjoy again as soon as possible.  

To that end, all revenue collected will be used to pay our employees and cover the basic needs of the business.  While we did temporarily lay off some part time and hourly employees, we retained virtually ALL salaried and full time employees, at near full pay and with full benefits intact.  This is so crucial right now, for all of us. We do understand that many in our community are suffering financial hardship during this time. If you are unable to continue to pay your monthly dues, you can contact us by calling 888-Youfit-1 between 9a and 4p, your local time, Monday through Friday.  Your call will be routed to a local Youfit club where our staff will be able to handle your questions and requests personally. If you are unable to get through, please be patient and try us again the following day; we are adjusting to a new process and personally interacting with each member.

For those of you who have tried to reach us via [email protected] and have not received a timely response, we respectfully apologize. To be honest, we were totally overwhelmed and unprepared for the sheer volume of information requests and our system quickly became overloaded. While we are working diligently to remedy this problem, the additional step explained above will allow us to service our members over the phone more expeditiously and more personally.  

We are a Youfit Family.  We will survive this together, and we look forward to having our family back in the gyms as soon as we can.  May we all use this time to reflect and share how we can help each other, how we can stay healthy and safe.  

We are here for YOU!

In Health,

Rick Berks


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