Community Download: How Many Headsets Has OculusSold?


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According to market research firm SuperData, as quoted in CNBC, Facebook’s Oculus Go VR headset has sold two million units, Quest had sold 1.1 million units and Rift had sold 547,000 units since the start of 2018. According to Oculus Co-Founder and inventor of the Rift, Palmer Luckey, that’s not accurate.

Luckey took to Twitter to say that between the Gear VR and CV1 Oculus Rift combined the number is actually well over 10 million. The implication is that the company has sold more than these figures allude.

But we don’t actually know for sure at all because Facebook doesn’t release sales figures for its products. All we can really do is guess. The same goes for HTC, Valve, Microsoft’s Windows VR line, and most other headset manufacturers. The only company that’s really been transparent with regular sales figure updates is Sony. As of May 2019 Sony has sold over 4.2 million PSVR headsets. That’s likely even higher by now.

So, that brings us to the issue at hand: How many VR headsets do you think Oculus has sold? In fact, why not just ask: How many VR headsets, period, do you think have been sold? Do you think between the CV1 and Rift S there are more than one millioin yet? Between all of the multiple types of PC VR headsets do you think there are more than the 4.2 million PSVRs yet?

Let us know your thoughts on headset sales down below!

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