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At Youfit Health Clubs, we know that every visit is a victory. We celebrate all our members in their fitness journeys. Today, we’re sharing Michael O’Neill’s Youfit success story. Through his dedication, he was able to lose over 200 pounds by regularly visiting his local gym

Micahel realized he needed to focus on his own health after losing his father. “I joined my Youfit and actually go daily (I ended up being so serious about it that I went 7 days a week for several months!). Once I stayed this path, however, my life changed for the better! I’m now 35, with a 9.5 month old [son], down 210+ pounds, and I have enough energy to run around and play with him,” Michael said.

What Makes Youfit the Right Choice 

While we all know there are many benefits of exercise, we might not know where to go to get started. After realizing it was time to make his health a priority, Michael found his fitness fit here at Youfit, where he says that “everyone is willing to stop and lend a helping hand for anything that you need but they’re also very likely to focus on providing a wonderful experience by doing whatever they need to do and giving you your space.”

“The wide variety of equipment, both strength and cardio, that each place has (Lime Card is another massive appeal!) makes Youfit unlike any other gym in the country!” – Michael O’Neil 

Through dedication to his journey, Michael has lost over 200 pounds and continues to make his health a priority. His journey has helped him not only feel healthier but more empowered in his life. “With my wife, dogs, and new son in the picture, I want to make sure I’m healthy and happy for them,” he said. 

How Youfit Supports Michael’s Journey 

“I feel that going to Youfit literally felt like walking into Cheers. Everyone knows your name or at least they know you and understand your journey,” Michael says. He also credits the equipment and classes at his local Youfit with supporting his journey. “It gives you all the tools to be successful in your life IF you’re willing to open the toolbox and use them,” he added. 

How Michael Overcame His Fears and Gymtimidation 

For those who have never been to a gym before or haven’t been in a long time, gymtimidation can be a big deterrent. After having negative experiences at other gyms, Michael was hesitant to go to another gym. “My biggest hesitation was that I’d be constantly shaken down and tried to have something sold me at any gym I was going to,” he shared.

But his experience at Youfit was different. In addition to finding a surprisingly welcoming and nonjudgemental environment, he also found that the team at his local Youfit was there to support him, not to sell him things he didn’t want or need. “Youfit is the premier gym for your everyday person. Your moms/dads/workers/busy individuals. They all benefit from the easy-going and professional nature of all Youfits,” Michael said. 

After having a positive experience as a guest on his brother’s Lime Card, Michael took the leap and got his own Youfit membership. 

“I get excited to lace my shoes up to go to the gym. So much so that I even find myself trying to locate the nearest Youfit when traveling within the area for work, even when the hotels we are staying at have gym equipment” he shared. 

Michael’s Fitness Victory 

Before focusing on his health, Michael wasn’t feeling his best. He was quick to lose his breath, sleeping excessively, and sweating while trying to keep up with his teaching job. “Things that should NEVER be happening. That’s not a life for someone in their early 30s. That’s not a life for anyone,” he said.

Through his incredible determination and the support of his local Youfit, Michael turned that story around. “The greatest victory I’ve achieved is being able to just be active again. That’s been such an amazing feat. There are other things too, of course. Like the fact that I can run. I can actually run! Had you told the chunky kid in high school who would “run” the mile in like 25+ minutes that I’d be able to consistently run for a mile (and as fast as 7:30 pace at the highest!), he would have chuckled at you,” Michael said. 

We are thrilled to hear how wonderful Michael feels after focusing on his health with the help of Youfit Health Clubs. Wellness is a journey that can start feeling rewarding the moment you take that first step for yourself. 

“Words simply cannot describe the empowerment that Youfit provided and continues to provide for me. This is honestly the first time in my life that I can tell you that I think that speaks volumes for the impact this facility has left on me and my family!” – Michael O’Neil.

You can keep up with Michael’s continuing Youfit journey by checking out his Instagram.

Ready to start feeling your best through fitness? Join Youfit today! Whether you’re taking advantage of streaming workouts or our awesome amenities, you’re sure to find the support and tools you need for your journey. 

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