Check Out This Stealthy Black Tesla Model S Camera Car


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Camera cars are kinda crazy. There’s no denying that fact.

This particular one stands out for more reasons than one.

For starters, it’s a Tesla. A Model S, to be precise. But beyond that cool element is its stealthy all-black wrap. Combine the stealth appearance with the quietness of electric drive and this makes for the ultimate stealth camera car.

Or, in other words, in its stealthy black wrap, this Tesla Model S makes for the perfect camera car when low noise and a sneak approach is essential.

Even better though is the fact that it gets the endorsement of famed YouTuber MKBHD, a Tesla Model 3 owner and lover of tech. We too would take this Model S camera car and put it to use filming more affordable EVs like the Kia Niro EV we just drove out in California. Now that would be quite a scene.

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