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Trevor Page, founder of Model 3 Owners Club, decided it was time to leave the cold Canada winter behind and come down south. A Tesla Owners Florida event took place at EVANNEX to celebrate Trevor’s arrival (once again) in the Sunshine State. A big crowd came early to meet Trevor and his wonderful wife Beverley. Meanwhile, a huge flock of gorgeous Tesla vehicles took over the parking lot (and streets) surrounding the venue.

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With an active ‘Model 3 Owners Club‘ forum, and over 48,000 subscribers on Youtube and nearly 32,000 followers on Twitter — word spread quickly that Trevor would be at this special Tesla event. Other Tesla personalities you might recognize were also in attendance including… , and many, many more.

Above: Trevor’s Model 3 crew enjoying the good vibes, sunshine, and lots of Teslas (Twitter: Model 3 Owners Club)

A spectacular Tesla Car Show was on exhibition courtesy of Signature Custom Wraps. Special thanks to Mike (aka Mojo) and Jen for showcasing some stunning Teslas that they’ve transformed — it provided plenty of eye candy for everyone. The community got a chance to network, chow down on donuts, chug coffee, and check out some cool Tesla mods and accessories at the event.

Above: A closer look at Mojo’s Model S (Image: EVANNEX)

Kudos to @dealer_of_happiness, and @teslamods33 for waking up super-early and driving across the state to attend. Ian Pavelko raced down from Canada in his Model 3 in just over 30 hours! And, local Tesla cool kids like Andrew Gold showed off amazing Tron Tesla mods (via @kitt_tesla) . Rumor has it… some of these mods may even show up inside Trevor’s own Model X. Although he may be saving the coolest customizations for the two Roadsters he won through Tesla’s (since discontinued) referral program.

Above: Jen from Signature Custom Wraps unveils her stunning Model 3 at the event (Instagram: Signature Custom Wraps)

Nick Howe, author of Owning Model S, was also on-hand to check out the scene. In addition, @all_tesla debuted the soon-to-be record-setting Model 3 they’ll use to drive cross-country (NY to LA) in 48 hours this April. And, a quick shout-out to Denis Gurskiy at EV Bite, who covered the event calling it a Tesla Cult Meeting. Okay, okay… maybe he’s right… browse below so you can decide for yourself…


Photos: EVANNEXModel 3 Owners ClubNate McComb (And, yes… that Tesla tattoo at the top of the gallery is real. Be sure to watch the third video below, starting at 11 min 7 sec, to learn the surprising story behind the tattoo.)


Top two videos: Model 3 Owners Club

Bottom two videos: TesLatinoDealer_of_Happiness

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