Charged EVs | Whimsical signs point drivers to Swedish charging stations


Whimsical signs point drivers to Swedish charging stations

Public charging stations are proliferating around the world, but many drivers are unaware of them. Curious consumers often cite a lack of charging infrastructure as one of the top objections to buying an EV.

A Swedish charging network operator believes a lack of
signage could be part of the problem – there are more than 8,000 charging
points in Sweden, but few signs advertising their presence – so the company decided
to bring its charging stations to drivers’ attention in an unusual way.

Recently, Swedish drivers have been surprised to see signs
leading to EV charging stations on flags, stacks of hay, horse blankets, pizza
cartons and toilet paper – and even on a biker’s vest and on the back of a dude’s

“There are thousands of signs pointing towards gas stations,
but only about twenty official signs showing the nearest charging station,”
said Nathalie Kinell, CMO of Bee Charging
. “Unfortunately, that creates a feeling that the charging
infrastructure just isn’t there. With these unusual and playful signs we want
to show people how close it actually is to the nearest station, and at the same
time create a conversation about why there aren’t more signs already, and what
both the industry and the governmental organizations need to do to speed up the
transformation towards electrified transport.”

Source: Bee Charging Solutions

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