Charged EVs | UK awards £23 million to Jaguar and other firms for battery tech research


UK awards £23 million to Jaguar and other firms for battery tech research

The UK government has awarded £23 million ($29 million USD) to numerous companies for investments in EV battery research, as part of a push to help keep the country at the forefront of EV tech development.

The awards are part of the Faraday Battery Challenge, a £274
million government investment bringing together academia and businesses to
accelerate R&D of the latest EV battery technologies.

This round of winners includes:

  • Mining consultant Wardell Armstrong, which will lead
    a new study to develop a UK supply of lithium
  • A Jaguar Land Rover-led project to maximize
    battery performance while maintaining safety
  • A study into the use of artificial intelligence in
    battery manufacturing, led by materials technology company Granta Design

“We are committed to ensuring our world-leading automotive
sector can flourish. These exciting new projects will build on the UK’s
reputation for excellence, our rich heritage in the auto industry and pave the
way for advances towards a cleaner economy,” said Business and Energy Secretary
Greg Clark. “Today’s £23 million investment forms part of the total £274
million that will be awarded to consortia across the UK through the Faraday
Battery Challenge, part of the government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

Source: UK Government

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