Charged EVs | Transphorm introduces second 900 V GaN FET for three-phase applications


Transphorm introduces second 900 V GaN FET for three-phase applications

a provider of Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors, has introduced its second 900
V Field-Effect Transistor (FET), the Gen III TP90H050WS. Transphorm’s devices now
enable three-phase industrial systems and higher voltage automotive electronics
to use GaN.

The FET has a typical on-resistance of 50 mOhm with a 1000 V
transient rating, offered in a standard TO-247 package. It can reach power
levels of 8 kW in a typical half bridge while maintaining greater than 99% efficiencies.
Transphorm says the FET’s figures of merit for Ron*Qoss (resonant switching
topologies) and Ron*Qrr (hard switching bridge topologies) are two to five
times less than those of common superjunction technologies in production, indicating
highly reduced switching losses.

The new FET is designed to be deployed in bridgeless
totem-pole power factor correction (PFC), half-bridge configurations used in DC
to DC converters and inverters. Transphorm says the FET’s ability to support
these topologies at a higher voltage expands the company’s reach to include three-phase
industrial applications, including EV chargers at higher battery voltage nodes.

Transporm plans to introduce a JEDEC-qualified version in Q1
2020. Transphorm’s first 900 V device, the TP90H180PS, with a typical
on-resistance of 170 mOhm in a TO-220 package is JEDEC qualified and has been
available through Digi-Key since 2017.

“Transphorm’s latest 900 V GaN product represents a major
milestone for commercial GaN power transistors as it reaches the 1 kilovolt
mark, an industry first. This paves the way for GaN to be a viable choice at
these higher voltage nodes,” said Transphorm COO Primit Parikh. “With partial
funding from ARPA-E for early risk reduction and Power America for initial
product qualification, this effort represents successful public-private
partnership that accelerates GaN’s market adoption.”

Source: Transphorm

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