Charged EVs | Thor Trucks becomes Xos, delivers two Class 6 electric armored vehicles to Loomis


Thor Trucks becomes Xos, delivers two Class 6 electric armored vehicles to Loomis

Electric truck startup Xos (formerly Thor Trucks) will retrofit two Loomis Armored Class 6 medium-duty trucks with electric drive. Loomis will evaluate the vehicles for 90 days, and says it will order 100 more if the two pilot vehicles work out.

The new e-trucks would primarily be used in California. The
Xos-built SV01 truck qualifies for a $90,000 incentive under California’s Hybrid
and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project.

Loomis operates the largest cash-distribution network in the
US, with 200 locations and a fleet of 3,000 vehicles.

“Electric vehicles make a lot of sense for cash-in-transit
companies,” said Xos CEO Dakota Semler. “They do a lot of idling in city
centers as money is loaded in and out of the vehicles.”

“Armored trucks operate mostly in urban areas, so they don’t
need a huge amount of range,” agreed Navigant analyst Sam Abuelsamid. “Electricity
makes a lot of sense in reducing costs and emissions.”

“The weight penalty of the batteries compared to an internal
combustion engine is not an issue because the payload is relatively
lightweight,” said Antti Lindstrom, an analyst with IHS Markit.

Xos already has pilot programs underway with UPS, which is
testing two medium-duty electric delivery trucks in the Los Angeles area, and
other fleet operators.

Xos was recently forced to change its name from Thor Trucks
after RV maker Thor Industries sued for trademark infringement. Xos is short
for exosphere, the outermost section
of the planet’s atmosphere – the term is meant to evoke cutting-edge

“Electrification encompasses so much more than just
hardware, which gives us lots of opportunities to expand in directions we
weren’t thinking about in the early days of the company,” said Xos COO Gio

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