Charged EVs | Tesla (finally) releases CHAdeMO adapter for Model 3


Tesla (finally) releases CHAdeMO adapter for Model 3

Tesla owners are fortunate to have their own network of DC
fast chargers – the Superchargers – which are sufficient for many drivers’
long-distance travel needs. However, more charging choices are always better,
so several years ago, Tesla introduced an adapter to allow Model S and X
drivers to use CHAdeMO fast charging stations.

Apparently, an adapter for DC fast charging is a more
complex gadget than the simple plug adapter that allows Tesla drivers to use standard
Level 2 AC chargers. At least, we assume that’s the reason it’s taking years
for Tesla to release a full suite of fast charging adapters. Anyway, since the
latest vehicle software update, the CHAdeMO adapter will now work with Model 3.

As CleanTechnica reports, the adapter itself has not changed. The software update means that existing Tesla-to-CHAdeMO charging adapters sold for Models S and X will now work with Model 3. The adapter, which sells for $450, allows CHAdeMO charging at power levels of up to 50 kW. It’s designed to work only with North American Teslas.

Many owners may balk at buying this at such a steep price,
as 50 kW is lower than the power levels available on Tesla’s Supercharger
network (which range from 72 kW to 250 kW). However, there are currently over 3,200
CHAdeMO charging points in North America, and the Electrify America network
plans to add many more, so for some drivers, the additional charging options
may be welcome.

What about a CCS adapter? Well, it’s complicated. There is a CCS adapter for Models S and X, but as Electrek reports, only the newest vehicles have the necessary hardware – others will have to be retrofitted – and it doesn’t seem to be on sale in the US yet. Stay tuned, and try to stay charged.

Source: CleanTechnica

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