Charged EVs | Spanish charger manufacturer Wallbox to enter US market


Spanish charger manufacturer Wallbox to enter US market

Wallbox, a Barcelona-based charging station manufacturer, has
announced it will enter the US market. The company has already installed over
20,000 charging units across Europe, New Zealand, and China.

Along with its car-agnostic charging solutions, Wallbox
also offers its myWallbox cloud-based management platform, which gives customers
access to real-time updates and remote programming. Its chargers are also equipped
with technology like facial recognition, smart sensors, and secure access

Wallbox Director Douglas Alfaro said, “Customer
understanding and innovation are fundamental to our approach. We have to
remember that when people buy a plug-in vehicle, they are taking control and
owning their mobility energy for the first time. This is a big and very
liberating change.”

Source: Wallbox

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