Charged EVs | InstaVolt installs 400th rapid charger in the UK


InstaVolt installs 400th rapid charger in the UK

InstaVolt has begun construction of its 400th rapid charger, making it the UK’s largest owner-operated network of rapid chargers in the UK. It expects to have 600 rapid chargers in service by next spring.

InstaVolt installs its chargers at no cost to the location owners, and takes care of the entire process, from planning to ongoing maintenance. The charger network is a “fully open tap-to-pay network,” meaning drivers don’t need a subscription, membership or RFID card to pay. Users may use any contactless payment method.

InstaVolt CFO Adrian Keen said, “We put the customer experience
at the heart of everything we do. It’s proven a popular formula for landowners
who want to cater for the rise in electric vehicles on the roads, without
making the necessary capital outlay or worrying about how to operate and
maintain the hardware.”

Source: InstaVolt

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