Charged EVs | Feinmetall’s new 600 A cell contacts skirt oxidation issues


Feinmetall, a maker of contacts for Li-ion cells, has introduced new contact technologies in its new line of high-current contacts, including a new technique to avoid oxidation problems on contacts.

One of its new new high-current blocks, the HC01, is suitable for contacting prismatic and pouch cells and allows continuous currents up to 600 amps. To guarantee multiple contact points, it inclines 41 individually spring-loaded contact probes, which are designed to maximize overall current carrying capacity and provide redundancy.

The company also introduced a new technique into this contact block, which it calls the “scratch principle.” Under this technique, the contact penetrates surface layers to secure a consistently low contact resistance. Feinmetall says that with this new technique, developers can avoid the wetting current effect, in which a small constant current is needed to break through oxidation of the contact.

The company says its scratch contact is especially suitable for contacting Li-ion battery cells, since the current collector on the cathode side is typically aluminum and can suffer from a build-up of oxide layers.

Feinmetall can equip the contact block with a spring-loaded sense pin for the voltage path of a four-pole measurement. An integrated spring-loaded temperature sensor allows heat monitoring directly at the current collector. By utilizing a dedicated drill hole in the block, battery developers can cool the contact area via compressed air.

Source: Feinmetall

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