Charged EVs | EBG’s high-power thick film resistors for EVs


EBG’s high-power thick film resistors for EVs

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High-power resistors are used in the EV industry in a variety of applications including power converters for charging systems, power control unit, power distribution unit (PDU), motor control unit and battery modules.

EBG Resistors focuses on the cutting edge development of resistor technology and works hand in hand with the engineers to solve pre-charge, discharge, and other applications in the EV industry. Its system expertise combined with our long-term production experience allows us to offer a wide range of eDrive system solutions.

EBG resistors main advantages include:

  • small package size
  • wide resistance range
  • high reliability
  • high safety
  • high pulse capability
  • easy mounting/handling

To learn more about typical EV applications for EBG resistors in the Power Distribution Unit or Motor Control Unit, download the EV Application Notes and EV Product Catalogue:



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