Charged EVs | Eaton’s new supercapacitor offers increased voltage


Eaton’s new supercapacitor offers increased voltage

Power management company Eaton has released a next-generation XLR-51 supercapacitor module, extending the MLR module line to 51.3 V and 188 F. Designed for rugged applications, each module includes integrated cell voltage management circuity, over-voltage alarm, and a temperature output. The XLR supercapacitor modules are comprised of 18 individual XL60 supercapacitor cells.

The 48 V and 51 V modules of the XLR line received UN-ECE Reg. 10 & Reg. 100 certifications, which determine provisions for wheeled vehicle electromagnetic compatibility and environmental requirements for integration into electric power trains.

Nick Stone, Eaton’s Product Manager for supercapacitor modules, said, “Eaton’s new XLR-51 supercapacitor module is designed for environments that demand rugged construction while also being able to meet the high-power, high-energy needs.”

Source: Eaton

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