Charged EVs | Eaton launches Breaktor high-voltage protection device for EVs


Eaton launches Breaktor high-voltage protection device for EVs

Power management company Eaton has launched a high-voltage circuit protection device called Breaktor. The new circuit protection device for EVs combines the function of fuses, pyro switches and contactors into one solution for high-power battery and inverter systems.

Breaktor features less than 5-millisecond actuation up to 1,000 volts and 30,000 amps. The device is also resettable, allowing it to be reactivated following functionality checks.

Other features include:

  • Self-triggering device capable of sensing a current spike and interrupting the circuit
  • Limiting feature in the case of a short circuit
  • Independence from current direction
  • Multiple voltage levels and multi-pole configurations

Jeff Lowinger, President of eMobility at Eaton, said, “In the event of a collision, Eaton’s Breaktor can work in tandem with a vehicle’s safety systems. This allows Breaktor to quickly disconnect the high-voltage battery from the rest of the vehicle for unparalleled protection and safety in the event of any unsafe condition.”

Source: Eaton

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