Charged EVs | Donaldson launches two-stage protective vent for battery packs


Donaldson launches two-stage protective vent for battery packs

Vehicle filter company Donaldson has launched its Dual-Stage Battery Vent, which the company says provides protection from pressure, heat, and contaminants.

The battery vent’s first stage equalizes pressure, while providing protection from water, dirt, and automotive fluids. The second-stage venting kicks in if rapid pressure and heat build-up occur. During this stage, the vents fully open and allow gases to escape in order to avoid damage to the remaining battery cells.

The Dual-Stage Battery Vent attaches directly to a housing via a quarter-turn bayonet installation. Donaldson designed the vent without a valve, rubber flap, or other mechanical device.

Donaldson GM Nathan Malek said, “Our new Dual-Stage Battery Vent is designed to meet the unique requirements of automotive battery packs: the need to protect the battery pack housing from excess over- or under-pressure under normal conditions, and the need to expel large amounts of gases quickly if a thermal runaway event begins within the battery pack.”

Source: Donaldson

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