Charged EVs | Daimler and BAIC partner on second-life energy storage systems


Daimler and BAIC partner on second-life energy storage systems

Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz Energy and BAIC’s Beijing Electric Vehicle Co. will partner to establish second-life energy storage systems in China. The companies plan to set up the first second-life energy storage unit in Beijing, repurposing retired batteries from BAIC’s BJEV models.

Gordon Gassmann, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Energy, said, “The extension of regenerative and thus high-fluctuation energy production is rapidly increasing worldwide. The tendency towards increasing distances between the site of energy production and the site of energy consumption also means huge challenges for today’s energy grids. This is creating wide-ranging opportunities for stationary energy storage systems. Second-life battery storage units are a very sensible supplement, as with the further utilization of disused car batteries we are also making sustainable use of valuable raw materials.”

Ye Xiaohua, Deputy General Manager of BJEV, said, “The rapid electrification of vehicles has transformed vehicles from a traditional means of transport to a new tool of energy management. BJEV is an expert in areas such as charging and battery swap infrastructure and battery second-life usage.”

Source: Daimler

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