Charged EVs | Québec bank installs urban charging superstation


Québec bank installs urban charging superstation

Banking and investment firm Desjardins and utility Hydro-Québec have installed what they describe as Québec’s first urban EV charging superstation at the Complexe Desjardins, the company’s headquarters.

The superstation includes four 50-kilowatt charging
stations. The project is part of Desjardins’ plan to install 200 charging
stations at Desjardins caisses
(credit unions) throughout Quebec and eastern Ontario by 2021, in partnership
with Hydro-Québec and public charging network operator Electric Circuit.

Desjardins Secretary General and VP Pauline D’Amboise said, “This
project is just one of the many important decisions we’ve made in recent years
to accelerate the energy transition. We’ve also made our operations
carbon-neutral, invested in renewable energy projects, lowered the carbon
footprint of our investment portfolios, and given our members and clients the
opportunity to do the same.”

Source: Hydro-Québec

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