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It happens. Our fitness intentions are great, but our fitness execution? Well, sometimes that’s another story. But sometimes a little friendly competition can help push us through to the next goal, and losing weight by competing in a challenge is a fantastic way to push yourself to your greatest limits and jump start any fitness journey.

That’s what some of our members learned with the recent Countdown to Change (C2C) at Youfit. It’s an 8-week weight loss challenge complete with unlimited boot camps led by a certified YouCoach personal Trainer and nutrition tips that guides and motivates an excited go-getter group of Youfit members across our health clubs all over the nation looking to make positive changes. We recently awarded six winners from our most recent competition – three women and three men – for their success in their weight loss journeys. And fortunately for you, they’ve shared how they pulled it off.

1. Just Start: The very first step toward succeeding in something? Actually doing it. And yes, that means even when you don’t feel like it, even when you’re a bit scared. Just start, and you’ll be surprised to see how your intentions follow you. You may not feel it, but the first time you get the workout out of the way, you’ll have a bit more motivation to get you to the next one.

2. Challenge Yourself: The longer the challenge is, the more difficult it can be for anyone to avoid giving up. Challenging yourself outside the challenge is a good way to ensure you succeed, so creating milestones for every week or two goes a long way in helping you. Eric Bellan, our Countdown to Change second place winner says “Try physical activities outside of the challenge to help you, like cycling! I love to cycle and this challenge helped me get stronger and push myself more.”

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things: If you’re afraid of getting bored with your fitness routine, well, schedule the things you would like to try. And then follow through! To that point, Stella Larson, our first place female, instructs her peers to “Do a balance of cardio and strength training if you’re really trying to get in shape or lose weight. Also, try new things that keep you active so you give your body a shock with new activities.”

4. Consistency Is Key: It’s said that it takes 21 days to create a habit. Sticking to a routine for three quarters out of a month can help condition you to maintain and achieve even more once the challenge is over. And as our second place female winner, Jamie Inman, mentions, “Anybody can do anything for three weeks! After that, there are only 5 weeks left. It’s so much easier to do the challenge and have the motivation and excitement for 8 weeks than to just try on your own. Don’t get discouraged! Slow and steady – consistency is key!”

5. Create A Balance In Everything: An active body and mind contributes to an overall positive attitude, but even some exercise is better than none. An occasional cheat meal or extra rest day is fine! But just continue to work toward the bigger goal. Our 3rd place winner in the male division, Ryan Esminger, says his motivation is just that. “I like seeing the positive changes in both my body and my attitude.”

6. Set Achievable Goals: Our third place female winner, Jessica Cortes, had some insightful advice for others just starting on their fitness journey. “Take it one day at a time and set small goals that lead to your final goal. In the past, when I’ve decided to work out, I would overdo it, end up hurting myself and had to stop my workout routine before I even started. This time around I took it slow, listened to my body, and set small realistic goals.” Kevin Ruiz, our first-place male, similarly advises to know when to push yourself and forgive yourself – noting it as a good way to win at any challenge in life. Don’t be shy to ask for help. Be patient and persevere.

With the above tips, you can do just well in the challenge and have a successful weight-loss or fitness journey in no time! If you’re looking to be our next winner, start with a free guest pass by clicking here: https://www.youfit.com/free-pass

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