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National Selfie Day is upon us, yasssss! #blessed #selfie #isthistoomanyhashtags…?

Smartphones and social media provide the basis for communication these days. If opportunities for self-expression were ever lacking, well, that’s certainly not a problem anymore! Hence, the selfie, which for those landing from outer space, is taking a picture with a camera or cell phone – of yourself! Many times, these end up being uploaded to social media, or deleted 500 times and never posted at all (hey, we’ve all been there). The rate at which people take selfies has taken the world by storm, and probably why this holiday was created on June 21, 2014. How can you celebrate? All you need is to snap a picture of yourself and post it on the internet! Millions of people around the world partake in this day.

1. Just take a photo: There is no complicated protocol to follow to observe this holiday. Snap the pic, apply a filter (if you want to), then upload it to your social media account using the hashtag #NationalSelfieDay. National Selfie Day is called a ‘national’ holiday, but guess what? It does not have a particular region or country that it’s limited to. Want to celebrate overseas? Be our guest! Weeee!

2. Your local Youfit sets the stage: This holiday also marks the start of the summer season, and what better place to mark that moment than at Youfit? The summer season as we all know is a great time to kick off workout regimens and different routines, and it’s an excellent time to start new workouts to help you live better and stay healthy so you can feel your best. You can try out different gym poses or different exercise styles to take your selfie. Just get the right lighting and the perfect background in the gym to take your photo! Take it up a notch with a selfie shirt from our online store

3. Take a photo with your friends: Talk about #SquadGoals. You could also take your selfie photo with your group exercise class buddies during the routines or when you are all done with the daily exercise. Youfit holds group fitness classes that boost mental well-being with various exercises and routines, and we hold different music and dance workouts like Zumba fitness and many more. This creates a stage to also take amazing selfies. You can also share these gym selfies to the Youfit email [email protected], and maybe – just maybe – we’ll use it on our social media channels!

So get out there and celebrate. Don’t be shy, National Selfie Day is for everyone – just like Youfit!

You can get started with a FREE trial at Youfit too, and take your selfie on the first day to commemorate the great first step you’re taking towards living and feeling better! https://www.youfit.com/free-pass


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