Buffalo-Style Turkey Burgers


Turkey burgers get a bad rap. If you’ve ever tried to grill a turkey burger before, you know it can be a struggle to get a juicy burger. Because it’s such a lean meat, it tends to dry out at warp speed, and who wants a dry, hockey puck of a burger? Nobody. But we promise you can make a flavorful, juicy turkey burger!

There are two keys to unlocking a tasty turkey burger. The first key is what’s inside—instead of just forming some ground turkey into patties and slapping it on the grill, this recipe has tons of flavorful add-ins: creamy blue cheese, spicy buffalo sauce, and crisp green onions help make this burger out-of-this-world flavorful. And not only do the add-ins help up the taste and the moisture, they also stretch the turkey to get you six giant burgers out of one pound of meat.

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