Bored During Lockdown? Get an Intro to Quest Development in This Live Online Workshop


An upcoming online workshop by XR development educator Circuit Stream will teach developers the basics of building applications for Oculus Quest.

With many of us a stuck at home with some extra time on our hands from not traveling (or getting dressed) it may be an opportune time to learn new skills.

Since 2015 Circuit Stream has been educating developers on creating AR and VR applications; later this month the company will run its 25th ‘XR Development with Unity‘ course, a 10-week program covering the ins-and-outs of creating AR and VR applications.

But if you’re not ready to jump in that deep, Circuit Stream is holding a one-day ‘Intro to Oculus Quest Development‘ live workshop online next week on Saturday, May 16th. The company says the class is open to beginners; Unity experience and an Oculus Quest are both recommended but not required.

By the end of the Oculus Quest Workshop, you will have developed an application for the Oculus Quest, understand the foundations you need to develop for mobile VR and get hands on with new features like hand tracking.

After the workshop, you’ll hear from a former Oculus designer on how to successfully design apps for the Quest and learn about resources available in the Quest ecosystem.

The $350 workshop runs for five hours and is taught live by a Unity Certified Instructor. Circuit Stream says participants can expect to learn the following during the workshop:

  • How to build an Oculus Quest app from scratch in Unity
  • How to use Unity’s build pipeline for Quest (Android SDK tools)
  • How to optimize your Unity app for Oculus Quest
  • How to design interactive UI/UX features for Quest
  • How to add hand tracking to your Oculus Quest app
  • How to publish your app to the Oculus store
  • How to design mobile VR experiences around the industry’s best practices

You can get more details and sign up for the workshop on the event page.

Circuit Stream hosts a range of other workshops, some free and on-demand, focusing on topics like introductory AR development, AR face tracking, VR training, building UI for hand-tracking, AI character behavior, and more. You can see the complete list of on-demand and upcoming live workshops here.

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