Boneworks Update Adds New Sandbox Maps And Time Trial Course


Boneworks Update 1.4, the [REDACTED] update, is out now on SteamVR for all major PC VR headsets and adds new sandbox maps, a time trial course, and more!

You can located the new [REDCATED] level module in the museum by the reclamation bin, but if you’ve already claimed the museum then you can find it plugged in at the main menu already. According to the Steam update page, the additions and changes include:

  • Greatly Improved Hand Physics (Punching, Climbing, Swinging)
  • New Sandbox Environments
  • New Minigame – Time Trial course
  • New Spawnable Gachapons
  • New Firearm – p350 Handgun
  • Three new original songs
  • Adjustments, Bug Fixes, Performance increases

The three new sandbox maps are the [REDACTED] Chamber, originally known as Test Chamber 04, which was an experimental area the developers used for showing off the project’s physics before it was a proper game. We actually tried a very early demo of Boneworks at GDC a few years ago inside this test chamber. Most of the early development videos were shot here as well.

Then there’s the HandgunBox, which is designed to show off the new handgun balance features; the time trial course is also hidden here. The trial forces you to try and clear the underground map as quickly as possible while jumping and shooting at enemies. The clock is running in real time and slow-mo doesn’t affect it.

Finally, there’s the new Tuscany map, which is a tribute to the very first original Oculus DK1 VR environment featuring a cliff side villa in Tuscany, Italy. Early adopters of VR technology will get a real kick out of that one.

If you get a chance to check out the update, let us know what you think down in the comments below! And don’t forget to read or watch our review of Boneworks and check out this in-depth interview for more on the game.

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