Boneworks Stabilizes Climbing, Adds Save Points And Brawl Mode


Boneworks received its first big content update with the addition of mid-level save points, a new brawl mode and several core improvements such as stabilized climbing and hand responsiveness.

In a developer update video, Stress Level Zero developer Brandon J Laatsch noted mid-level save points as one of the major elements keeping players from enjoying the game. These have now been added to all levels, at various points, and will save any items in your player inventory, along with any items you place in a save bin.

The update also includes a new brawl mode, which allows you to spawn enemies to battle in the arena mode. The enemy types, amounts and waves can be fully customized. “Brawl mode … is an easy way to spawn a bunch of people in a pretty light scene and just kind of throw down,” said Laatsch in the update video.

The sandbox also received 50 new items, including all the foam gym pieces from the campaign and some other items as well. The Museum Basement sandbox also received some changes, such as an ammo spawn machine and a health setting machine, among other additions.

Perhaps equally as important as save points, Stress Level Zero completed a “polish pass” on the player to make general improvements to the core mechanics and interactions of Boneworks, improving stability, optimization and usability. This includes improvements to the game’s climbing mechanic, which is now more stabilized, and improvements to hand responsiveness when performing quick actions.

You can read the full patch notes for the Boneworks update over on Steam. 

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