Bjørn Nyland Hits High Speeds In Tesla Model 3 Performance In Germany


Many people continue to criticize Tesla vehicles for their lack of track prowess, even though these are family-friendly vehicles. The argument here is that while they may be incredibly fast off the line and can top most other sports cars on the drag strip, they’re not track-ready cars. This is because on a few occasions in the past, a Tesla Model S or Model X was unable to pull off multiple track laps before having battery heat issues.

Since those earlier tests, both of Tesla’s flagship vehicles have proven more tolerable to such situations. Moreover, now with the new Model S and X Raven refresh, one might argue that the cars should fare significantly better. We’ll have to wait and see if that’s true in the future, as more tests become available. 

In the meantime, the Tesla Model 3 never experienced the same track endurance issues as its older, flagship siblings. In fact, it has proven itself to fare quite well on the twisty track, even over long distances.

Who better than Tesla owner and EV expert Bjørn Nyland to share some Model 3 high-speed driving footage with us, along with the usual commentary? Check it out and let us know your takeaways in the comment section below.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Model 3 Performance high speed driving in Germany

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