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Ready, set, go! The Youfit Beat the Heat Event is what you could call our ‘launchpad’ to summer fitness, where we offer help in starting off the summer season – and keeping cool. Your local Youfit health clubs will be providing FREE YouGX classes all day, plus tips and pointers that’ll help you all summer long. The Beat the Heat event on Tuesday, June 18th will feature 30-minute special sampler classes just for this day only at select locations!

Beat the Heat is open to everyone, including friends and family members, and the goal of the event is simple – to supply motivation and encouragement to slay your brilliant summer outfits as we kick off the first week of summer. And that’s part of the reason we offer YouGX classes as a part of the event. Group classes feature movements that are easy to learn and master as you go, no matter if you are a first-timer or if you are a seasoned fitness pro. You can make good use of the group classes at Youfit. So if you are learning and practicing the proper movements for your workouts, this is a great place to start.

In the spirit of giving back and beating the heat with fresh water around the globe, Youfit has partnered with LesMills and UNICEF during Workout for Water. Let’s bring clean, safe and sustainable water to children everywhere. If you can spare a dollar or a dime, donate today.

This event gives you full VIP access so you can try out the Lime Card life. If you’re a standard member who wants to keep the lime life going, ask a team member how to upgrade for free. While this might seem like a hard ‘sell,’ there are in fact some great benefits with having a Lime Card that you may want to consider as summer approaches:

  1. Unlimited access to all Youfit locations: That’s right, Lime Cards can enjoy any Youfit location, any time. Road tripping for the summer, or in-and-out of different locations? The Lime Card has you covered, no matter where you go.
  2. Bring a buddy free: That’s not a typo! Bring a guest to workout for FREE whenever you need some extra motivation to keep your fitness goals on track. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two from your workout buddy!
  3. Half price on drinks: Lime Card members are able to get 50% off drinks that are purchased at Youfit locations. Consider this a great way to stay hydrated and energized before and after your workout.
  4. Group exercise classes wherever they are available: Lime Card members always have access to YouGX classes, where available. So whether you’re feeling Zumba one morning or cycle in the evening, Lime Card members can enjoy our wide variety of YouGX group classes.

Whether you choose to get a Lime Card or not, the truth remains – YouGX group exercise classes at Youfit offer a motivating atmosphere that can help to prepare you in your aim to lose weight, gain weight, or just stay healthy – especially when you need extra help in getting the zeal to work out.

When you surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you, the motivation to bring out the best in yourself tends to flow naturally. Group classes are full of that, and also have great instructors that can get you all pumped up to harness the energy from your fellow class participants. Are you up for the challenge? You can try out new classes, different instructors, different styles and forms of exercise and more that can make your workout routine more enjoyable. Class samples with a variety of options would be available at our Beat the Heat open house. Come join us!

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