Arizona Sunshine On Oculus Quest Receives Free 'Old Mine' Update


After launching in December last year, the Oculus Quest version of Arizona Sunshine is slowly receiving all of the post-launch updates from the PC VR and PSVR version of the game, which will eventually bring the Quest version up to date. The latest update, the ‘Old Mine’, is available for free for Arizona Sunshine on the Oculus Quest now.

The Old Mine update adds a new horde mode map, which is set in the Old Dutchman Mine. It will see up to four players fight off hordes of zombies together from the depths of this spooky new map. “Scourge the dimly lit environment for vital supplies and use the verticality of the map to create new strategies for survival,” developer Vertigo Games said in the announcement. “But be on your guard as Fred may have found new ways to get to you.”

The Old Mine update is the second of five total post-launch updates planned for the Oculus Quest version of the game, releasing on a monthly basis. The first update, which dropped last December after the game’s launch, was the two-handed weapon update. The next update, the ‘Undead Valley’ update, is scheduled to launch on Quest in February.

While the first three updates are free, including this one, the last two will be paid pieces of DLC. However, if you’ve bought those DLCs on the Oculus Rift platform, they will be cross-buy, despite the fact that the base game is not. 

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