Are Electric Pickup Trucks Really The Future? Video


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Is the electric pickup truck possible now or do we need to wait another 10 years?

The Fast Lane Truck recently discussed all-electric pickup trucks, wondering whether an electric truck like the Rivian R1T is the future or not. The video has a curious title: Are Electric Trucks The Future? No, You’re Wrong!

The pickup truck is a hot segment in the U.S. and EVs would bring superior driving experience, especially off-road, as well as high towing capability. That’s in theory, because it all depends on batteries, which needs to be huge to support long-range driving under load. The bigger the pack, the higher the price.

As you can see in the video, skeptics have strong arguments and doubts. What really matters is that at least one of these highly capable electric trucks launches so we can all see the performance in the real world.

Truck models/companies discussed:

Rivian R1T – Visit out Rivian Truck Forum here

Tesla Truck Render – Talk Tesla pickups here in our Forum

Atlis XT


Bollinger B1

Workhorse W 15


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