'Angry Birds VR' Studio Announces Next VR Game, 'Blaston', a PVP Dueling Shooter


Resolution Games, the studio behind well-received VR titles like Angry Birds VR (2019)Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! (2019), and more, has announced its next VR title. Due out later this year, Blaston is a departure from the studio’s catalog of casual VR games, this time aiming for PVP shooter action.

Blaston is said to “pit players against each other in intense player vs. player duels that challenge them to stay in constant motion and blast their opponents with incredible precision using an assortment of high-tech, futuristic weaponry.” The studio released a teaser trailer today which shows players alternating between shooting and dodging.

The trailer and the studio’s description of the game suggest that Blaston will be limited to 1v1 combat, so we expect it’ll bring something rather different to the table than arena-type VR shooters like Dead and Buried II and Smashbox Arena.

Resolution Games has a history of developing casual and cooperative VR games, so a PVP dueling game is a bit of a shift for the studio. Granted, we’ve seen genre-pivots from VR studios like Cloudhead Games (Pistol Whip) and Schell Games (Until You Fall) which have resulted in new genre-defining games, showing that a studio’s VR development experience—at this stage in the industry anyway—tends to be more important than genre-specific experience.

Image courtesy Resolution Games

Resolution Games hasn’t announced which headsets or platforms the game will launch on, though we’d suspect that Oculus Quest is a sure bet considering many of the studio’s other games have been available on Oculus’ standalone headsets. As for a release date for Blaston, the studio hasn’t given a specific date, but says the game will launch sometime this year.

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