Amazing Half-Life: Alyx PC Build Looks Straight Out Of City 17


There are cool themed PC builds, and then there’s this amazing Half-Life: Alyx tribute.

The PC, built on Nvidia’s official GeForce Garage YouTube channel, comes kitted with a custom 3D printed faceplate that looks like its straight out of City 17. In fact, you could mistake it for one of the Combine lockers that you need to unlock in the game to stock up on ammo. Check it out in the video below.

It’s fitted onto a stock 570x case and is filled out with plenty of of expensive parts (this is Nvidia we’re talking about). Better yet, though, the crystal case allows you to see inside the machine, with some City 17 wallpaper adding to the decor. Even nicer is the vinyl decal on the back panel that outlines the Gravity Gloves that Alyx equips early on in the game; a lovely little touch, that.

So if you haven’t bought a Half-Life: Alyx PC yet and you have a spare giant pile of cash lying around, this might be the coolest way to get in on the VR-ready PC club. Don’t forget you’ll need a VR headset too, of course.

Even if you can’t get this build, though, it’s worth seeking out and PC and headset to play the game on. We gave Alyx 5/5, saying: “Alyx is a triumphant return; a stunningly produced, meticulously refined capping off of the past four years of VR learnings. Its 10+ hours of best-in-class combat, evolving level design and, every so often, moments of truly inventive ideas swiftly establishes it as a new benchmark for the platform.”

Well, what are you waiting for? We’ve given you all the reasons you need.

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