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Hidden across Link’s Awakening’s giant, mysterious island are fifty hidden Seashell collectibles. On their own, they’re worthless, but by visiting the Seashell Mansion (it’s more of a small hut with a few big seashells stuck to the roof) you can trade them in for some nifty prizes – including the best sword in the game – Koholint Sword! Some of these seashells are in plain sight while others are buried in sand, hidden in chests in dungeons, and even submerged underwater. Your quest to find them all will take you all over the island – here’s how to find all 50 Secret Seashells.

Secret Seashell Rewards[edit]

Go to the Seashell Mansion just southeast of Kanalet Castle – this is where you turn in your Seashells!

To unlock Seashell rewards at the Seashell mansion:

  • Find 5 Seashells and bring them to the Seashell Mansion to get a piece of heart.
  • Find 15 Seashells and bring them to the Seashell Mansion to get a Seashell Sensor.
  • Find 30 Seashells and bring them to the Seashell Mansion to get a dungeon tile for Dampe’s Dungeon Maker mode.
  • Find 40 Seashells and bring them to the Seashell Mansion to get the Koholint Sword, the best sword in the game which shoots beams of energy when Link has full health.
  • Find 50 Seashells and bring them to the Seashell Mansion to get a modifier for Dampe’s Dungeon Maker mode that causes it to rain rupees in the room you apply it to.

Here’s where to find every hidden Seashell in the game:

1 – Sword slash through the grid of bushes and grass just above the Trendy Game in Mabe Village.

2 – In the Trendy Game in town after you win the Yoshi doll. Bring extra rupees because this one is slippery!

3 – In a treasure chest near the entrance of the lost woods. You’ll need the power glove to lift the stone to get to it.

4 – Dig in the ground in CiaoCiao’s shack (the smaller house with the barking chain chomp in front of it) in Mabe Village.

5 – Bomb a wall in the far left of the large main room in the first dungeon, The Tail Cave. This can be found in the same room where you find the dungeon’s master key. You’ll likely not have bombs at this point in the game, so don’t forget to come back for them.

6 – Inside the creepy abandoned ghost house in the far right of Toronbo shores – break pots.

7 – Dig up the area in the center of the plus-shaped patch of grass just down the stairs from the Witch’s house.

8 – In the patch of grass just outside and to the right the Secret Seashell Mansion south of the large castle.

9 – In the rock formation just south and to the left of the Secret Seashell Mansion, lift the one stone that is colored differently.

10 – Bomb the wall to the left of the last seashell and follow the path until you need to push some blocks to exit the cave. To the north, you’ll see an owl statue. Dig in the ground around it to uncover the shell.

11 – After you give Prince Richard the five golden leaves, he’ll let you enter the cave under his house. To the left is a seashell in a chest.

12 – In the far right bottom corner of the desert, there’s a cliff. Lift the rocks and find your seashell.

13 – Another seashell will eventually show up at the Trendy Game in Mabe Village after you’ve won enough prizes there. Be sure to grab the Nintendo figurines (and subsequently place them on their respective pedestals) that show up there throughout the game after you’ve completed dungeons.

14 – On an island near the mermaid statue in the center most southern point of the map.

15 – Do the “Rapids Race” version of the rafting mini-game and hookshot your way to the end as fast as possible to get this seashell as a reward.

16 – Just south of where you exit the rafting mini-game, you’ll see a small lone rock in the corner of a platform surrounded by long lines of rocks. Make your way there, lift the rock, and grab the seashell.

17 – Just south of the last seashell, you’ll find a bunch of rocky ruins guarded by stone knights that come alive when nudged. Make your way through this area in a clockwise path until you see four knights in a rectangle shape. Nudge the bottom right one to open a cave that contains the seashell in a chest.

18 – In the far upper left corner of the Face Shrine (sixth dungeon) take the ladder in the top corner of the room up and you’ll appear outside on a walled island in the rafting mini-game. The only thing here is a chest with a seashell in it.

19 – Right above the cave where you saved Bow Wow from the Moblins (and right below where you enter the stairs to the giant egg on the island) lift the stones near the signpost and find the seashell.

20 – Just outside and to the south of Mabe Village, you’ll see a lone tree next to one of Ulrira’s phone huts. Run into it with your running boots and a seashell will appear.

21 – Once you get the flippers, swim to the small island above Prince Richard’s house – right near where you found the entrance to the third dungeon, the Key Cavern.

22 – Make your way along the waterfalls at the top of Tal Tal Mountains until you reach a cave with a wall you can bomb inside. Follow the path through the room with several treasure chests (open them all for 100 rupees) and then step outside and grab the shell in the chest.

23 – To the right of the cucco house in Tal Tal Mountains you’ll see a trio of rocks. Lift them up to find the shell.

24 – In the far upper left corner of Tal Tal Mountains (just passed where all the boulders start tumbling down on you) you’ll see a bunch of liftable rocks. Lift the one in the upper right corner to find the shell.

25 – In the upper right corner of the Tabahl Wasteland (the area with the dead trees) dig around towards the wall the area with all the living trees to dig up a shell.

26 – Dig around the top of the Lost Woods about five spaces below Mr Write’s house to find a shell.

27 – Up and to the right passed this shell you’ll see a tall ladder leading up to a lone owl statue, but before you head up it, slash the lone bush on the ground and dig the spot it left to find a seashell.

28 – To the left of the entrance of Prince Richard’s castle you’ll see a row of pot holes and a staircase. Hook shot over and climb the stairs down to find the shell.

29 – Jump in the water passed that last shell and swim north until you find a waterfall, then dive into the water to grab the shell.

30 – To the left of the platform in the center of Ukuku Prairie by where you bombed that giant pig rock statue, you’ll see a black rock. Dig near it and unearth the seashell.

31 – A few spaces below the owl statue in Yarna Desert, dig in the space between the cactuses to find this shell.

32 – At the entrance to the Yarna Desert, return to the spot where you once played Marin’s song on the Ocarina to get the giant walrus to move out of the way. Play it again and he’ll return and toss you a seashell.


33 – In Tal Tal Mountains, follow the waterfall path to the right until you see the water flow split three ways pouring down the mountain. Above you is a small cave you can’t enter, but you can find a shell by diving in the water beneath it.


34 – In the Eagle Tower dungeon, fight the red hinox and then fall down one of the holes on the left side on the screen to land on a ledge on the far right of the dungeon. Walk up to the top of the screen to find the chest with a seashell.

35 – In Tall Tall Mountain head to the cucco house and stand on the small rope bridge and throw a bomb into the square shaped opening just below you.

36 – To the left of the warp zone in Tal Tal Mountains (the one you find after using the mirror shield on the long fire turret) you’ll see a plus shaped pebble formation on the floor. Dig in the center of it to find the seashell.

37 – In the upper right corner of the animal village, an invisible zora lives in a house. Finish the trading sequence sidequest to unlock the magnifying lense to see him and he’ll give you a shell.

38 – Buried next to the owl statue directly above the small bridge where you meet the fisherman in the southern coast of the whole island (near the fifth dungeon) you’ll find another shell.

39 – Right outside of the Tail Cave – the first dungeon in the game – you’ll see a lone tree. Run into it and a seashell will fall out.

40 – Just south of that tree and before you reach the beach, you’ll see a signpost and a series of palm trees. Run in to one of them and a seashell will fall out.

41 – Down on the beach where a dead log has formed a romantic bench between two palm trees, you’ll see a small space to the left where the waves are crashing. Dig there and pull up a shell.

42 – In the lost woods just past the fairy, you’ll see a patch of blue flowers with a clearing in the center. Dig there to find a shell.

43 – Near the warp zone in Tal Tal Heights you’ll see a small hole on a square shaped walled off ledge. Throw a bomb in it and a seashell will fly it.

44 – After you bring Christine’s letter to Mr Write in exchange for the broom, return to Christine (the goat woman in the Animal Village) to tell her how it went and she’ll give you a shell.


45 – Received from Dampe for completing his fourth “Arrange Dungeon” challenge titled “Fill Up Your Hearts.”

46 – Keep playing the fishing mini-game in Mabe Village and eventually a Blooper enemy from Super Mario Bros. will show up. Catch it with your medium sized fish lure and you’ll get a Seashell as well as the deep sea lure.


47 – Keep playing the fishing mini-game in Mabe Village and eventually a Cheep Cheep enemy from Super Mario Bros. will show up. Catch it with your medium sized fish lure and you’ll get a Seashell.


48 – During the rafting mini-game, hookshot your way to a small island with four empty patches of sand and dig for the seashell.

49 – Enter the Dream Shrine in Mabe Village and get in the bed to fall asleep. Once in the dream, make your way through the bad guys around the outer perimeter of the room until you see a ladder leading to a chest. Open the chest for the shell.

50 – ???

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