Acclaimed VR Puzzler 'FORM' Arriving on PSVR in April


Charm Games announced that FORM, the VR puzzle game that made a splash on PC VR headsets back in 2017, is coming to PSVR next month.

Originally slated to arrive on the platform back in 2018, FORM is now officially coming to PSVR on April 7th, 2020.

We really enjoyed FORM when we played it for our review of the game, giving it a solid [8.5/10] for its interesting, alien-like 3D puzzles that do an awesome job of demanding curiosity and experimentation.

We called it “like stepping into a machine of pure novelty, and it manages to deliver its intuitive puzzles without the need of a tutorial, i.e. no condescending robot voice guiding you through the world.”

Granted, it’s a particularly short game at a little over an hour of gameplay, and while we wish it were longer, it still makes for a must-play if you can nab it at the right price.

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