A child’s iPhone began sparking. Then it burned holes in her blanket


Kayla Ramos was sitting in her sister’s room, playing with her iPhone 6, when sparks suddenly began to shoot from the device. Kayla primarily used her phone to watch YouTube videos and allowed her siblings to play with the device, she told 23 ABC News, and she had never had a problem with the phone before. But all that changed last week.

“I managed to burn myself but I threw it on the blankets,” the 11-year-old from Bakersfield, Calif., told the TV station. The phone burned several holes in the blankets but did not cause more extensive damage.

Kayla’s mother, Maria Adata, was grateful that her daughter escaped relatively unscathed.

“This could have been my child,” Adata told 23 ABC News. “My child could have been caught on fire and she could have been hurt more and I am glad she’s okay.”

Adata told the outlet that she contacted Apple the next day and sent photos of the damaged phone, its insides warped and charred. She said the company told her to send the phone back and promised her a replacement.

Apple did not immediately respond to a Washington Post request for comment.

In the meantime, Kayla is enjoying the time away from her screen as she waits for a new phone to arrive.

“It’s not that bad,” Kayla told 23 ABC News. “I get to hang out with my sisters more, I get to hang out with my family more.”

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