7-Seat All-Electric Volvo XC90 Coming In 2022


Within the next several years (by 2025), 50% of all Volvo sales globally will be all-electric cars (rest to be HEV/PHEV), which means huge changes in the lineup.

The first all-electric model – Volvo XC40 Recharge – will be introduced this year. We guess that it will be followed by other BEVs from the 40-series (based on the CMA platform).

The next BEV, already confirmed, is the next-generation Volvo XC90, based on the second-generation Scalable Product Architecture platform (SPA2). Production is scheduled for 2022 in Ridgeville, South Carolina instead of Torslanda, Sweden.

The new XC90 will no longer be available with a conventional drivetrain. The only options on the table to be:

The electrification of the XC90 means also that there will be a new choice for those looking for a 7-seat BEV – for sure more conventional and luxurious, but less performance oriented than the Tesla Model X.

Source: Autocar

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