3 Online Shoppers Saved a Combined $1,673 When They Stopped Deleting Emails


Have you ever ordered something online only to notice that three days later, the price dropped?

Or maybe you didn’t even notice, because who has time to keep up with that?

The good news is a number of retailers have price-match policies, so if an item’s price drops within a set time period, you can get compensated. Monitoring your online orders, however, can become quite a job.

Thankfully, Paribus will track your online purchases from retailers it monitors for you — for free. If an item you’ve ordered from one of more than 25 major retailers drops in price, Paribus will shoot you an email and let you know how to get compensated.

3 Paribus Users Who’ve Earned Some Serious Money Back

Paribus is simple enough to sign up for; it took me no more than a minute to connect two email addresses. From there, it works in the background, notifying you when a qualifying item you ordered drops in price.

Sound too good to be true? Here are three Paribus success stories:

1. This Busy Mom Has Saved Close to $1,315.41

Aimee B. juggles a corporate 9-to-5 career and manages a blog while raising her son.

To save time, she does the majority of her shopping online — about 90% of it, she estimates. She stocks up on groceries, clothes and household necessities without leaving home.

In the past two years, Paribus has found Aimee $1,315.41 in savings while shopping online.

“It really is as simple as giving your email address,” she says. “It’s kind of a no-brainer.”

2. This Man Chipped Nearly $300 off a Home Depot Order

William Gove and his wife ordered a $927.35 wood chipper from Home Depot — quite a necessity when you live on eight acres of land in Maine.

About a week after they ordered the tool, Paribus notified them the price had dropped by $92.26. Then, when Gove got on the phone with a Home Depot representative to claim the difference, he was informed the price had actually dropped even more, and Gove would actually get $278.53 back on his card.

“I have to say, I was incredibly skeptical at first,” Gove says of Paribus. “But it saved us some serious cash.”

3. This Penny Hoarder Padded Her New Purse With $80

Kathleen Garvin, The Penny Hoarder’s outreach strategist and editor, is a huge fan of Paribus.

She signed up back in December 2016 and estimates she’s pocketed about $80 since. Her biggest win? Earning $21 back on a purse that originally cost $82.

Six days after placing her order for a Calvin Klein purse, she received an email from Paribus. The subject line read, “ACT NOW: $21 with your name on it.”

After following the email’s instructions, Garvin got that $21 back in her pocket about a week later.

See How Much Money You Can Reclaim From Online Orders

Want to see what kind of money you can get back using Paribus? Sign up using your Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook email address.

Then, let it monitor your purchases from more than 25 major retailers. You never know what kind of money you’ll get back.

Disclosure: Paribus compensates us when you sign up using the links we provide.

Carson Kohler ([email protected]) is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s a Paribus user.

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